Drawing a line

1960s Artist

I always wanted to draw and make pictures from an early age.

My first experience of the power of the visual image was in

primary school. I made a large crepe paper house whch was 

taped in the window between our two classrooms.

It caused an enormous row between my teacher and the one 

in the next room, who said it was blocking out the light!

At secondary school, I was fortunate to have enlightened 

teachers who encouraged my talent.

However, a Careers Officer suggested I did an apprenticeship

in a drawing office as there was no future in art.

Eventually, I was able to study at Colchester School of Art for 

four years.

Those were the days when only art students seemed to wear 

jeans and other strange clothing.

The roll call of full and part time lecturers was impressive:

John Nash, Edward Bawden, Peter Coker, Hugh Cronin, 

Nigel Henderson, Max Brookers and others.

I studied illustration for a further three years at the

Royal College of Art in London.

My tutors there included Quentin Blake, Paul Hogarth

and Sheila Robinson.