Old Smokey the Steam Train

A picture book for pre-school children.
Story by Valerie King. Pictures by Colin King


How it all began…

The idea for the story began many years ago. As a student in the late 1960s
I went on a field drawing trip to Barry Island, South Wales.
At that time, a huge scrapyard full of old steam locomotives existed;
nearly all were awaiting demolition.  The images of these majestic 
rusting away motivated me to produce lots of drawings which
eventually grew into an idea for a children’s book.

BARRY scrapyard-2images

A true story…

Many years later steam train preservation societies were formed all over the country
in the UK. The Colne Valley Railway in Essex was one of the old railway lines brought back to life.
A few steam trains were saved from the scrapyard and lovingly restored.